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Why is Hair Coloring bad for your hair?

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

No matter what desired hair colour one can get by permanently or semi-permanently changing their hair, using chemical-induced hair colourants definitely has negative implications.

1. The hair colouring put is applied to the hair shaft, present beyond the hair cuticle. Stylists at salons prefer to lift this cuticle using ammonia. This instantly damages your hair as the cuticle is meant to protect your hair and lifting the cuticle exposes them to more than just the hair colouring you want to apply. This is where henna is better as it does not require any sort of chemical variant and shows results without any damage to the scalp.

2. Hair colourants do not just damage your hair, but also make your hair brittle and break it if you overdo chemicals or hair sprays in the future. Thus, they expose your hair to several conditions, making the quality of your hair comparatively weaker than before.

3. Hair colouring also inculcates the use of peroxide to remove the original hair colour and give way to the new colour. This peroxide used is an extremely drying element for the hair which can further cause hair damage. On the other hand, RKS Henna has been seen as a great alternative to switch to, to get the desired hair colour as well as keep up with the quality of the hair.

4. When people switch to permanent hair colourings, in order to get a better shade, they expose themselves to several unknown health conditions as well. Several elements like aminophenol and phenylenediamine have been linked to cancer-inducing substances. This is definitely not a risk worth taking, even if the colour gives you the most beautiful pictures for your Instagram feed!

5. For people who think that they can avoid health-related negativities attached to permanent hair colouring using semi-permanent hair colourants, they can reduce the damage but definitely to avoid it completely. Semi-permanent dyes do not have ammonia to shift the cuticle, but this further results in undesired results as the colour wears off after a few hair washes. And then, applying these temporary hair colouring over and over again can damage the hair more. Thus, this is definitely not a better alternative, not better than using natural henna at least.

Since everything carries its own set of pros and cons, hair colouring is no exception. However, we believe that the cons for these colourants definitely outweigh the benefits it gives. Thus, make an informed decision. Is it really worth putting your hair through this damage? RKS Henna brings the best in class henna hair dyes that are herbal and side-effect free.

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