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- Our Legacy -

At RKS Henna Export House, we take pride in bringing you the finest selection of henna-based products crafted with precision and passion. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability defines our range of offerings, making us a trusted name in the industry.

Explore our products page to discover a world where tradition meets innovation. From meticulously sourced henna leaves to expertly formulated blends, each product is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the best nature has to offer. Whether you are a henna enthusiast, a beauty professional, or someone seeking the perfect natural solution for hair and skincare, RKS Henna Export House has something special for you. Our diverse collection includes henna powders, hair dyes, skincare essentials, and more, all designed to enhance your natural beauty while honoring the rich heritage of henna.

Our Commitment

RKS Henna Export House is a GMP Certified Company and consistently produces premium and 100% natural henna powder for Export Quality. Our experts are highly skilled and experienced with a profound knowledge of modern technology. They are proficient enough in preparing a flawless range of henna powder that lasts for a longer span. There are no side effects. The henna products are available to the users in no time.

With a clear objective of producing unmatched quality henna products, RKS Henna Export House Manufacturer in India has been manufacturing an impeccable assortment of henna products in Faridabad, Haryana, India for decades.

Top Notch Ingredient


The henna powder nourishes the hair to the core. The henna powder has been prepared using natural herbs and is 100% safe to apply. With proper application, you can see positive results for all sorts of hair problems such as dandruff, hair loss, and hair growth.

Henna Leaf - RKS
Why we are the best?


Firm dedication and improvement strategies have made us one of the leading manufacturers and exporters. The unmatched quality and speedy delivery land us among the top-notch henna powder exporters in the global market. The professionals working with us provide our esteemed customers with strict quality standards on every product.

The brand name, RKS Herbal Henna brings you a wide range of export quality henna powder in a myriad of colors. Imparting natural and beautiful color to your hair is the best treatment.

The Star of Middle-East


You can get the best updates of our brand, Afrin’s Henna, at RKS Henna Export House.  All the henna colours that we formulate under this brand are quite economical and cater to our valuable clients, in the middle-east.

With the rapid progress of technology, we have kept a fair pace with it. And as a result, we have modern machinery pieces to manufacture flawless henna powder range.
At RKS, we offer the best collection of Afrin’s henna. All our products are best-in-class, giving your hair a natural and stunning look. The brand encompasses black henna, brown henna, chestnut henna, burgundy henna, and red henna.

The features of Afrin’s Henna are as follows:


  1. It is fairly priced

  2. One of the famous henna brands of India

  3. The color of this henna is very much intense

  4. Prevents hair fall as it organically formulated

  5. Makes your hair thick and lustrous

Quality Control Checks


We follow a streamlined and stringent manufacturing process, with special attention paid to the quality of the raw material used. We ensure that the raw materials procured are from the natural resources that are organically grown plants and herbs.
Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, and straining are implemented, ensuring that all our products are hygienically manufactured.



To ensure good quality of the henna, we conduct the following tests:

  • Moisture and volatile matter, percent by mass

  • Coldwater extract, percent by mass

  • Mineral matter, percent by mass

  • Acid insoluble ash, percent by mass

  • Extraneous sand, percent by mass

  • Presence of extraneous dyes


AFRIN's Chestnut Henna Powder - Eagles Henna
Herpul Henna - One of a Kind


Apart from Afrin's Henna and RKS Herbal Henna, RKS Henna Export House is also known for its brand named 'Herpul'. Because of the rich composition, a bulk assortment of black henna is being exported widely, making it the top-selling product across Asia and Europe.

It works wonder on your hair without damaging the hair strands as it's naturally cultivated. Henna leaves, after being plucked and filtered, are grinded to the powdered form before being added to our product list.

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Dos and Don'ts


  • Store Henna in a cool, dry, and dark place.

  • Test your hair's elasticity before applying henna. Pull out a single strand of hair, wrap it around your index finger and stretch it. If the strand does not extend by a minimum of one-third of its length, the hair needs preconditioning. Don't use henna in the area around your eyes and eyebrows.

  • Don't use henna on chemically treated hair; it may cause unplanned hair variations.

  • Don't coat the hair with henna right before getting a perm. Henna can restrain the activity of the perm chemicals and thus reverse the perm's results.

  • Don’t use black henna, which contains Para-phenylenediamine chemicals in excess. Ensure the proportion is under 4% w/w after dilution, as recommended by the government authorities.

  • When not to use Henna: Since Henna leaves are considered to have a cooling effect. Folk wisdom advises against henna hair coloring when the air temperature is cold, when you are sick, or when you are pregnant.

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