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Is Indigo Powder good for your hair?

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Just like Shikakai, Indigo Powder is yet another naturally-made, beauty regime that allows you to give the shine and smoothness that you want for your hair. Being a naturally derived material, it does not have any side effects as compared to what one might face while using chemical treatments and materials for their hair. Thus, the indigo powder is definitely good for your hair.

Not only can it be separately used as a hair supplement of its own, for people who use henna to colour their hair, but RKS Henna also offers them the benefit of colouring along with using the safest implements. Let’s look into more reasons as to why Indigo powder helps in better nourishment of your hair:

1. Helps to cure dandruff

Unlike ammonia-induced chemicals, the indigo powder is ammonia-free which helps it cleanse your hair gently, without any other chemicals. Thus, it helps to prevent dandruff and keeps it free from other scalp infections as well.

2. Helps to treat baldness

For people who become victims of baldness or have reduced hair growth over time, the indigo powder helps to nourish the scalp, thus increasing hair growth and treating baldness with due course of time. Especially for people who like to colour their hair, indigo powder used as a hair supplement or in their henna paste, helps them gain benefit every which way.

3. Can act as a cooling element

The indigo powder you apply in any form it's available in, helps you to provide a cooling sensation to your head. Not only does it help to provide nourishment internally, but studies have also shown that it helps to calm the mind of the person using it, and helps them relax. Probably because of how happy one might feel knowing they’ve made the right choice! Surprising isn’t it?

4. Helps you colour your hair as per your accordance

Reiterating the aforementioned facts, Indigo powder is one of the main constituents of natural hair colouring. It helps you achieve your desired hair colour - from red to black - without putting the condition of your hair at stake. Without worrying about any side effects no matter what, you can now hide your grey hair and enjoy your youth for as long as you want!

5. Helps to improve the condition of your hair

Free of PPD and other chemical substances, the indigo powder helps improve your hair's condition, making it more smooth, shiny and manageable.

From increasing its growth to changing its colour, the indigo powder is the “too good to be true” supplement you definitely need for your hair care routine. However, if you already use supplements like hair colours, it is your lucky day! RKS Henna brings forward the best henna colours enriched with indigo powder and other natural ingredients to give you your desired results.

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