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Why is Shikakai Powder good for your hair?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

For centuries, we’ve heard our ancestors talk about how ayurvedic and natural herbs and shrubs cured anything and everything! They were the answer for healthy living and even now, as we live in a technologically advanced and modern world, things haven’t changed a lot. Natural shrubs are still as promising as they used to be and there’s no doubt about that. Especially when it comes to the more sensitive areas of your body, no one would want to make a mistake. For the same purpose, today we analyze if shikakai, yet another natural shrub, is good for your hair or not.

Shikakai is a beautiful shrub, particularly in the Indian subcontinent due to its ease of availability in various parts of India. While it itself has been used as a hair cleanser, it's also advised to use shikakai powder in the henna powder one applies, as used by RKS Henna Exports, to give a better henna color, improve hair growth and even reduce your need for conditioners! Apart from this, Shikakai has a lot to offer:

1. Helps prevent split ends

Chemical hair treatments harm your hair. One of the many problems is giving terrible split ends in your hair. These split ends hinder growth and the only way to avoid them is a haircut! However, this isn’t a permanent solution. What is needed is a hair cleanser like Shikakai which helps provide moisture to your hair, thus preventing split ends.

2. Helps to “heal” your scalp

Due to the continuous exposure of your head to dirt and other impurities, your scalp requires healing for you to have better hair growth and avoid irritation and itchiness of your scalp. Shikakai is a beauty regime that acts as a cooling agent to your scalp and helps to avoid the aforementioned problems.

3. Helps you avoid grey hair for a little longer

This might sound absurd, but studies have shown that Shikakai has certain ingredients and supplements that help slow down grey hair's appearance. Thus, it helps you retain your natural hair color and hold the “you look old” comments at family gatherings!

4. Helps fight dandruff

Shikaki has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help it provide nourishment and moisture to the scalp as long as a person continues using it regularly. Using it consistently also helps to cure the problem of dandruff.

5. Helps fight hair lice

Hair lice are the exact definition of what one might call “spread like wildfire.” Once someone you know gets it, it does not take long to reach you and destroy your scalp and the itchiness it brings along with it. Shikakai acts as a hair cleanser to remove the growth of hair lice and ultimately help you get rid of it.

I think by now, it’s pretty evident as to how and why Shikakai is one of the most important add-ons to your hair routine. Moreover, if you are a regular user of henna, RKS Henna Export House has a collection of pure-rich Shikakai-rich henna products.

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