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8 Tips to follow when you use Henna Hair Dye

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The answer to all your questions pertaining to the loss of your hair losing its colour, shine, softness, and luster is Henna. Henna penetrates through the roots of your hair and helps to restore the pH balance of not just your hair, but even your scalp.

Here are some common tips that you can use when you decide to apply henna to your hair:

1.For a no-mess application of henna, make sure that you have a proper workspace to prepare your henna paste, and apply it carefully. Put down newspapers and cover your bathroom floors and the sink properly, to not get henna anywhere on your marble tiles!

2. Prefer wearing an old t-shirt to avoid spoiling your clothes. Also, it is very important to wear gloves while applying henna to prevent your hands and your nails from staining.

3. Pure henna gives you a reddish to orangish colour. Mix indigo or amla or other natural elements to get other colours like black, brown, purple, or any other colour. You should also add sugar to make your henna paste smoother.

4. If your hair gets dry when you apply henna, apply olive oil or coconut oil to your hair before applying henna. This will prevent henna from dripping when you apply henna and also provides the moisture that your hair needs, thus avoiding dryness. Hennas from companies such as RKS Henna, Afrin's Henna or Herpul Henna are amongst the top-notch henna that ensures that the hair does not get too dry.

5. In order to get a better result, it is advisable to apply henna on a damp hair scalp i.e. soaking the water using a towel after a hair wash. Not only is it easier to apply henna, but it also helps to give out better results as your henna paste easily penetrates to the roots, giving a better result.

6. After you've applied henna, the next time you wash your hair, prefer using a shampoo made specifically for coloured hair instead of your normal shampoos and other hair products to retain your hair colour for a longer time period.

7. Instead of using water to soak henna, prefer using black tea, coffee or wine. The reason is that normal water does not possess any acidic properties which could benefit your hair.

8. Lastly, ensure that you soak your henna paste for at least 8-12 hours, at room temperature, to ensure that you get outstanding results and the exact hair colour you desire!

We hope that you could use these tips and tricks to get the best results and have the strong, shining hair that you love!

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