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Poem on Henna... Seriously?

Henna for hair, an ancient tradition

A natural dye, with no harmful addition

From the leaves of the plant, it is made

With benefits for the hair, that will never fade

It coats each strand, with a rich hue

Giving hair a shine, that's brand new

From browns to reds, to blacks so dark

Henna gives hair, a color that will spark

It's not just a dye, but a treatment too

For damaged hair, it will see you through

It strengthens and nourishes, from root to tip

Giving hair a health, that's truly hip

It's a natural alternative, to chemicals so harsh

Henna for hair, is a choice that's smart

With every application, hair will thrive

Henna for hair, will always be alive

So embrace the tradition, of Henna for hair

A natural beauty, that will always be fair.

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