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Mehndi as a Herbal Treatment for Hair

From the eve of existence, the desperation to revive the attraction and charm of the human body has led to the inevitable discovery of vital and healthy herbs and shrubs. One of the eminent discoveries, which has been in use for more than 5,000 years, is the use of Mehndi for treatment.

It is proved to be quite advantageous for human health and physique besides the advancement in scientific techniques as it has swept through South Asia, Southwest Asia to North Africa, and the Horn of Africa to become one of the main trademarks of the respective cultures and traditions.

Henna, the sole species in the genus of Lawsonia, is being used for versatile herbal treatments across the globe preferentially above the medicines and pills that might produce unintended results in case of unknown side-effects on different individuals who might be allergic to any component contained in it.

Having anti- fungal properties, it is popularly used to heal skin diseases in various countries. Side by side, it is used in Tropical Savanna and Tropical Arid zones to lower down the skin temperature and produce a cooling effect on the feet and hands in extreme weather conditions due to the skin properties to soak up the paste of cold intensity.

Mehndi is also commonly used for nourishment of the hair. It prevents hair from thinning and prevents hair loss by strengthening them and their roots whilst giving them a healthier and a shinier look. Women, as well as men, use it for conditioning and dyeing their hair and beards respectively. The Mehndi encourages the growth and the natural bounce of the hair to enhance their appearance.

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