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12 Best Henna For Hair You Can Get In India In 2023

1.RKS Henna

RKS Henna is a well-known household brand renowned for producing herbal products aimed at promoting healthy hair. Their flagship product, which features the purest quality Rajasthani henna, is formulated with nine distinct herbal ingredients, each designed to nourish hair roots and leave hair silky and smooth. These nine herbs are Bhringraj, neem, amla, aloe vera, Brahmi, shikakai, methi, hibiscus, and jatamansi.

RKS Henna has gained the trust of countless customers as a dependable hair-care solution, known for effectively conditioning hair and keeping it dandruff-free. Additionally, the cooling effect of their product aids in soothing the scalp and can even help alleviate scalp infections, if any.

This blend of nine herbal ingredients in RKS Henna's product offers a holistic approach to hair care, ensuring not only improved hair texture but also a healthier scalp, making it a valuable addition to anyone's hair care routine.


A 100% natural henna

Turns hair soft and smooth

Suits both men and women

Infused with 9 types of herbs

High-quality henna from Rajasthan

Contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties


The orange stain it leaves is too dark

2. Indus Valley Natural Henna Combo

Indus Valley's Natural Henna Combo is a convenient solution for those who wish to stock up for the entire year. This combo package contains two units of the product. It is known for delivering strong and rich coloration, adding character and luster to the hair.

This henna product is a perfect fusion of nine organic ingredients, including amla, shikakai, reetha, and more, expertly blended with henna. The combination works wonders for hair by promoting healing and reducing breakage, primarily through the repair and sealing of the hair cuticles.

For those concerned about safety, there's no need to worry. Indus Valley's Natural Henna Combo has been certified as safe to use by respected global certifications such as India Organic, Ecocert, USDA Organic, and others. This certification ensures that the product meets high-quality standards and can be used with confidence, making it a reliable choice for those seeking vibrant and healthy hair.


A perfect combination of 9 herbs

Made of 100% certified organic henna

A triple-sifted microfine Rajasthani powder for easy application

Free of pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers

Certified by recognized Global Certifications



Effects do not last more than a week

3. H & C 100% Natural Henna Powder

If you're tired of the same old, dull hair color and seeking a change, consider incorporating this natural hair dye with hair treatment properties into your daily hair care routine. H & C Natural Henna Powder not only imparts a beautiful reddish-brown hue to your hair but also works to repair damage and strengthen your hair from within.

What sets this product apart is its triple-sifted powder, which transforms the fine granules into a smooth paste. This makes the application a breeze and ensures a stress-free experience.

For added benefits, you have the option to enhance the hair pack by mixing it with mashed bananas or crushed amla. This not only increases shine and luster but also aids in reducing hair loss. So, if you're looking to refresh your hair color and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, H & C Natural Henna Powder is an excellent choice to consider for those silkier, more vibrant tresses you desire.


100% natural

Free of any chemicals or PPD

Infused with organically cultivated henna

Triple-sifted powder for easy application

Suits people of all ages


May not offer great coverage in the first use

4. Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix

Shahnaz Husain's Forever Henna Precious Herb Mix is a unique hair solution designed to address various hair issues, including dandruff and hair loss. This special blend of precious herbal henna mix, featuring ingredients like amla, shikakai, and babul gond, penetrates deeply to target the root of these problems and restore the beauty and health of your hair.

One of the standout features of this product is the gorgeous shine and color it imparts to your hair, which is sure to turn heads. To use it, apply the henna paste to already shampooed hair, ensuring it covers your hair thoroughly. Allow it to sit for over 30 minutes, allowing the dye to release its full color onto your hair. Once the henna has dried, rinse it out thoroughly using tap water.

Shahnaz Husain's Forever Henna Precious Herb Mix offers a comprehensive solution for your hair care needs, making it a popular choice for those looking to enhance the quality and appearance of their hair.


Conditions rough hair

Ingredients like precious herbs included

Reduces dandruff and hair loss

Restores beauty and health

Suits women of all ages



5. NatureBay Naturals Henna Powder

NatureBay's Natural Henna Powder is a truly organic henna mix that is sourced from the henna fields in Sojat, Rajasthan. This henna mix is made from freshly farmed henna leaves that are carefully dried and ground into a fine powder. What sets it apart is its 100 percent natural and chemical-free composition, making it entirely safe for use on both the skin and the scalp.

The brand also proudly claims that this natural henna powder will impart the classic reddish-brown color that is characteristic of natural henna. You can conveniently find NatureBay's Natural Henna Powder online, often at a discounted rate, and use it to nourish your hair to the fullest potential.

For those seeking an authentic and safe henna solution for their hair, NatureBay's product offers a natural and chemical-free choice that's worth exploring.


A 100% chemical-free

Made of pure natural Mehendi

Cloth-filtered henna granules

3 uses: hair, palm, and feet


Color emission takes more than 12 hours after mixing the paste

6. Nat Habit Henna

Nat Habit, a brand synonymous with luxury, has introduced its range of Bio Henna products, which are enriched with all-natural ingredients. This unique blend includes powdered henna leaves, as well as components derived from mango kernels and the barks of the Arjun tree.

More than just a coloring agent, this henna product serves as a conditioner, leaving your hair smoother and shinier. What's especially noteworthy is its versatility, as it's suitable for all genders and hair types. This is due to its ability to preserve the moisture of your hair, ensuring it doesn't become dry or damaged.

As autumn rolls around, this herbal henna mix from Nat Habit is an excellent choice to pamper your hair and keep it in optimal condition. Whether you're looking to add color, shine, or simply nourish your hair, Nat Habit Henna products are a luxurious option to consider.


Formulated with mango kernel and Arjun tree bark

Henna powder finely grounded for easy application

Rich brown color

Smoothens dull tresses

Suits both men and women


May not cover grays in the first use

7. Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder – Black

Say farewell to lackluster hair with Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder, a product that infuses new life into your locks with its herbal-based formula. This henna powder mix is available in three primary shades and boasts the goodness of amla, shikakai, hibiscus, and aloe vera.

The herbal protection provided by this henna mix not only leaves your hair soft and glossy but also imparts a natural look. With Nisha Natural Colors Henna Powder, you can experiment with different looks and transform into the stunning version of yourself that you've always aspired to be. So, rejuvenate your hair and enhance your natural beauty with Nisha's henna powder.


A naturally black colored henna

A herbal-based hair color

Black/brown color

Color lasts longer

Natural hair color turns hair smooth and silky


Includes external dye for coloring hair

8. Sameera Herbal Hair Henna

When it comes to measuring the quality of a product in terms of safety and hygiene, Sameera Herbal Hair Henna stands out as the top choice. This brand places a strong emphasis on quality testing and ensures that their product meets WHO standard safety requirements throughout the development and packaging processes.

Sameera Herbal Hair Henna is composed of natural ingredients such as henna leaves, amla, aritha, and more, which provide essential nutrients to your hair. To maximize the benefits, it's recommended to leave the henna mask on for 45-90 minutes and rinse it off without using any soap or shampoo. This method can help prolong the longevity of your hair color beyond your expectations.

For those who prioritize safety, hygiene, and effective natural hair care, Sameera Herbal Hair Henna is a reliable choice to consider. Its commitment to quality and adherence to safety standards make it an excellent option for nourishing and enhancing your hair's natural beauty.


WHO standards of safety followed in packaging

Conditions as well as colors

100% natural

Quality tested


Does not address dandruff problem

9. Banjara’s Natural Henna

Banjara's Natural Henna is a hair care solution that effectively addresses various hair concerns, including dandruff, exposure to dust and smoke, and the use of hair styling devices. This henna mix is formulated using a combination of five medicinal herbs: amla, methi, hibiscus, brahmi, and bhringraj, each of which brings its own unique medicinal properties to the mix.

The herbal blend in Banjara's henna nourishes and conditions the hair, helping to prevent premature graying and promoting healthy hair growth. Moreover, the dye in this henna product imparts a light-brown tinge to the hair, giving it a distinctive look that sets it apart from the crowd.

For those looking to enhance the health and appearance of their hair while also achieving a unique hair color, Banjara's Natural Henna is a compelling option that combines the benefits of medicinal herbs with a distinct and attractive hair hue.


Makes the hair soft

Made of 100% natural ingredients

Enriched with 5 hair-care herbs

Comes with anti-dandruff properties




May have a strong smell

10. Attar Ayurveda 100% Natural Henna Powder

If you're in search of an affordable solution to repair damaged hair and provide it with nourishment, Attar Ayurveda Henna Powder might be the ideal choice. This henna powder is packed with rich nutrients that have a direct positive impact on the scalp, enhancing the overall health of your hair follicles.

For added benefits, consider mixing this 100% natural henna powder with hydrating ingredients such as egg or banana. This blend can leave your hair feeling soft and smooth. With Attar Ayurveda Henna Powder, you can let your hair shine and regain its natural luster and health without straining your budget.


Henna infused with natural ingredients

Makes for a good hair conditioner

Prevents dandruff

Reduces hair fall

Paraben and GMO-free

Certified SLS-free



Packaging not quite up to the mark

11. Himalaya Natural Shine Henna

Himalaya Natural Shine Henna is a premium henna powder designed for coloring hair, and it prides itself on being 100% organic. This product is a top-notch choice for those seeking a natural and healthy way to cover their greys because it contains no added synthetic chemicals and is free from PPD and ammonia.

What makes this henna powder stand out are the nine unique herbs it incorporates into its formulation. These herbs, including Bhringaraja, amla, curry leaves, green tea, methi, harad, shikakai, bahera, and neem, not only enhance the overall health of your hair but also combat other common hair issues such as dandruff and itchy scalp.

Himalaya Natural Shine Henna offers a truly organic and chemical-free solution for hair coloring and hair health, making it an excellent choice for individuals who value both the appearance and the well-being of their hair.


Fights premature graying

Turns hair dark and lustrous

Natural herbs used in the formulation

Long-lasting color

Free of synthetic chemicals




Some might feel the dryness of hair on applying it alone.

Godrej is a well-known household name famous for its range of herbal products designed to promote healthy hair. Their Rajasthani henna product is a testament to their commitment to delivering the purest and highest quality hair care solutions. This particular henna blend incorporates nine different herbal ingredients that work together to nourish the roots of the hair, leaving it silky and smooth.

The nine essential herbs included in this formulation are Bhringraj, neem, amla, aloe vera, Brahmi, shikakai, methi, hibiscus, and jatamansi. Each of these herbs brings its unique benefits to the formula, contributing to the overall health and vitality of your hair.

Godrej has built a strong reputation as a trusted brand in the field of hair care solutions. Their henna product not only conditions the hair but also effectively combats dandruff issues. Additionally, the product offers a cooling effect, providing relief to a potentially irritated or itchy scalp. It can even help heal any scalp infections that may be present.

With Godrej's commitment to quality and the power of these nine herbal ingredients, this henna product is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain healthy, beautiful, and problem-free hair.


A 100% natural henna

Turns hair soft and smooth

Suits both men and women

Infused with 9 types of herbs

High-quality henna from Rajasthan

Contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties


The orange stain it leaves is too dark

Disclaimer:-The above written information has been sourced from blog posted at StyleCraze, Written by Kirtana Divakar on Sep 29, 2023.

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