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The company RKS Henna is introducing the world to real henna from Sojat.

The majority of people have probably never heard of the little town of Sojat in Rajasthan.

But for those who enjoy acquiring and using henna products, the name of the town immediately conjures up pleasant memories. Sojat has long been recognised as India's main centre for henna farming.

Sojat proved to be the ideal location for henna cultivation because of the region's favourable weather conditions and high-quality soil. Even if the henna produced has always been of the highest quality, individuals who lived in other regions of the country could not obtain it. All of that changed, though, when RKS Henna made the decision to produce Henna products using the raw material obtained from Sojat and make it available to people all over the world, not only in India.

Raj Kumar Gupta, the founder and CEO of RKS Henna, elaborates on this by stating that: "The quality of Henna cultivated in Sojat cannot be compared to Henna that is grown elsewhere. RKS Henna was created with the purpose to make this Henna available in every household in India. As our business evolved, we broadened our horizons and began exporting our henna goods as well. We carried the torch in this specific sector since we were the first Indian firm to accomplish it."

RKS Henna, a GMP-certified business that was founded in the year 2000, has a reputation for providing high-end, reasonably priced henna products. The company offers a comprehensive selection of Henna powder in a wide spectrum of hues. The company's diversity of goods, in addition to their high quality, has contributed to its success.

"Our team is made up of a sizable group of specialists that oversee several divisions.

Along with doing routine quality checks, we make sure to periodically develop our goods and maintain adding newer components to them. While we buy raw henna from Sojat, we polish it using a range of organic agents to ensure that the finished product the customer holds in their hands is of the highest calibre. The seasoned businessman adds, "We are also quite meticulous about updating our packaging and delivery infrastructure on a regular basis.

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